Robert P. Ahrens Memorial Fund

The NJAHHP wishes to acknowledge the tireless commitment and work that both Bob and Nancy Ahrens gave in the interest of improving the knowledge and understanding to all those that fit hearing instruments and to the hearing impaired consumers.  These efforts in the form of continuing education are one of our Associations most important goals.The Ahrens Memorial Fund was created for the purpose of awarding scholarships and hearing instruments to worthy children within the State of New Jersey who might otherwise go without were it not for the generosity of the Ahrens Fund.  Qualifications and candidacy are available by contacting the Trustee below.  Click here to review guidelines for the Ahrens Fund.

Donor cards are a great way to support the effort. These cards can be personalized to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, etc., or to send condolences to the families of your clients who have passed away. Donor cards are $25 for 10 cards, benefitting the Ahrens Fund.

NJAHHP members who have a child who meets the guidelines for help in acquiring hearing aids, donor cards, or is applying for a scholarship should contact Susan Philpot c/o The Robert Ahrens Memorial Fund PO Box 187 Clarksburg, NJ 08510 or
The NJAHHP acknowledges the lasting memory of Bob and Nancy at the Ahrens Memorial Luncheon held each year at our State Continuing Education Conference.


Robert Ahrens Memorial Fund
PO Box 187
Clarksburg, NJ 08510

Guidelines for candidacy: Hearing impaired
Scholarship money $1000.
Student entering their senior of college (does not have to be New Jersey school)
Resident of New Jersey

Candidates: To receive a letter from parents indicating the need of financialhelp for hearing aids or scholarship tuition money.
Young person of school age.
Fund will pay invoice cost after all discounts from any manufacturer.
Manufacture will be asked prior to billing if they would consider the donation of hearing aids to that young person. Young person must not qualify for other third party programs, such as Medicaid, Childrens Special Health Services, where funding is available for the purchase of hearing aids.
Office doing fitting, audiologist or hearing aid specialist does not receive compensation for fitting services or profit from the sale of hearing aid.